Fast, Easy Cleaning Tips For Irving TX Apartments

Chances are, cleaning Irving TX apartments isn’t exactly your idea of fun. If activities like scrubbing toilets and doing dishes are pretty low on the list of things you enjoy, you definitely aren’t alone. The good news is, the tips in this article will help make the cleaning process faster and easier than ever, allowing you to enjoy a wonderfully clean apartment without having to spend all of your free time cleaning.

Start by gathering together all of the supplies that you will need. Choose an all-purpose cleaning spray that you can use for every surface in your home. A microfiber cloth will allow you to tackle the dusting with ease. Your cleaning kit should also include sponges, paper towels, an empty garbage bag, a broom, a vacuum, and a lightweight mop like a Swiffer.

Next, grab an empty box. Start at one end of your apartment and work your way to the other, putting any items that belong in other rooms into the box. This will quickly clear away clutter and will make it a lot easier to put items away since you can easily carry them with you to the rooms where they belong.

The next step is to clean all of the countertops and furniture in your house. Take your microfiber cloth and dust your furniture. Again, begin at one end of your apartment and move to the other, hitting every piece of furniture along the way. Don’t worry about cleaning up crumbs. Instead, just brush them onto the floor since you will be vacuuming or sweeping anyway.

Spray your countertops down with all-purpose cleaner and wipe them off with clean paper towels. Load any dirty dishes into the dishwasher and start it up. Quickly scrub out your kitchen sink using a sponge and an abrasive cleaner. Rinse the cleaner a way to leave the surface bright and clean.

Next, focus on the bathroom. This is usually one of the worst rooms in the apartment to clean. Once you get it done, it is all smooth sailing from there. Wipe up any loose hair or other debris in the shower and sink as well as on the back of the toilet. Spray all of the surfaces in the room down with the multipurpose cleaner. Use a toilet brush to quickly clean the bowl. Finish by wiping down the base of the toilet, the seat, and the back of the toilet. Scrub and rinse the shower and wipe out the sink before moving on to the floors.

The final part of the cleaning process is to sweep, vacuum, and mop. This shouldn’t take long since all of the clutter has already been cleared away.

Typically, this entire process will take less than an hour to complete if you really apply yourself. Try setting a specific day each week for cleaning. Once you get on a schedule, your house will stay cleaner during the week, making things a lot easier on cleaning day. As long as you stick with these tips for cleaning Irving TX apartments, you should be able to keep your place neat and tidy without having to spend a lot of time on cleaning.

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